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So yeah.. went down to Redbank and Leonardo on the 8th for this outdoor Clerks screening and Kevin Smith Q&A put on by Netflix. was a lot of fun. got to see some of the cast of the films while we were there. Walt Flanagan was working at the stash again, so we saw him.. and then at the actual screening, and as youll see in the pictures.. Marilyn Ghigliotti and Brian O'Halloran (Veronica and Dante),.. and then you see some extras from the first film in the second picture.. the guys name I think was Ed Hapstak,.. he was the roofer from done and ready home improvements.. and the girl is Frances Cresci.. shes the one that plaed the 4 year old that Randal sold cigarettes too... obviously the bottom 2 pictures are of Kevin Smith, (Silent Bob).. it was a fun night. they had the park packed, and Dante and Veronica were signing autographs... then Kevin Smith came out to do the Q&A which lasted about an hour or so.. and then they started the movie. they played some old movie trailers including one for the Toxic Avenger, and then they plaed the original Clerks. it was a good time.. Id definately go again if they ever do another one. you can click each picture for bigger versions.


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