I found an SHO which might be the one for me.
93, White outside, Grey leather inside, AM/FM cassette and CD, dual airbags, ABS, moon roof, premium speaker system, keyless entry, power windows, locks, and seats... $6995
I am taking my step father out today for his approval (a ford worker for 25+ years) if he says its good, then its mine.
I will keep you updated... infact, its the ONLY time Im gonna update this page anymore. untill I have one, then piss on everything else.

Someone went and bought the god damn car I wanted.
god damnit


Hey there! I'm back from vacation, and I must say,.... I needed it. plenty to update and write about, so this post will be quite long. I'll start with the trip itself. Tuesday morning, we got picked up by a limo... a big strech jobie. it brought us to NYC and dropped us off at the pier. the ship we boarded after going through customs and all that happy horse crap was the Carnival Triumph. it is currently the newest cruise liner in the world, and almost, if not, THE biggest. im telling you this thing was huge. I got inside and couldnt believe I was on a boat! 12 floors! when you looked down the center where the elevators were you could see from the 3rd floor to the 11th floor and it was unreal. plenty of food, arcade, casino, pools, water slide, dance clubs, cafes, it was like a floating hotel on more fancy. this was only the 3rd trip this boat has made. the theater where they did the vegas style shows and other stuff was bigger than some of the places I have been to on land. so 5 days on this thing was almost enough to do everything. there was so much to see and do that it was tireing,.. but in a good way. you felt like you really got a lot out of a day. everything was free,.. all you had to pay for was bar drinks which isnt something I do so I was ok.... naturally you had to use your own money for souvineers and the arcade games... but other than that.. you want food,.. go get it... want to swim, go head, want to see a show, be our guest, want to just wander and explore... have fun.. the staff was great and made the trip very enjoyable. TV in our room, movies and stuff to keep you busy if you just wanted to lay in bed for a while...... so ship time was a blast, then came the shore excursions. so day 1 (tuesday) we leave the city and spend the rest of that day, plus wednesday at sea. Thurdays we come in port to St. John, Canada. this was my favorite part of the trip. in this little city there were so many neat things to see, very historical and clean. everyone there was SO nice and happy to see you. very accomidating to your questions, and interests. I loved that place. I wanted to stay. and I'll tell you what. I am seriously thinking about packing up and moving there. you have to go in order to see what I mean, but I can honestly say, I would be very happy if that were my perminant residence. the people were the best, and the city is just beautiful. so when leaving there, all the locals were waving goodbye, driving to the end of the docks to send us off, honking their horns and making us feel very good about the visit. (more people stayed around to say goodbye here than did in NY when we left) so the rest of that day was at sea, Friday morning we come to port in Halifax / Nova Scotia, Canada. very nice.. went to a place called paggys cove and spent most of our time there. very pretty area with a lighthouse. we rented a car in halifax and drove to peggys cove,.. it was a 45 minute drive. we ended up renting a plymoth voyager (basically a dodge caravan I think),.. I must say, it drove quite nicely. the only problem was getting used to obeying KPH signs rather than MPH ones. you fly by this sign which says maximum 80 and you almost forget that it only about 50 really. heres the unbelieveable part... as we are driving to peggys cove, and this is no joke (This goes out to Marlin),... what do we get stuck behind but a JERSY DRIVER going about half the speed limit. ALL THE WAY IN CANADA and its just like I'm home. (Marlin and I live in Warwick NY and it right near the vernon boarder and other parts of jersy... we constantly get stuck behind them going 45 in 55's and get annoyed quite easily) so finally they turn off, and the rest of the day was great. we left there, had plenty of people waving goodbye,.. and spent the rest of the day, plus Saturday at sea. sunday morning we were back in NY and the limo took us home and I was back in time to watch the Pepsi 400 NASCAR race.

While I was gone, I had no computer, (left the laptop home) had no source of any trance music, and of course had some GREAT ideas for some songs,.. I remember most of them, so if you visit this page for my music at all, keep watching for some new stuff soon, it should be pretty cool and pretty unique as usual. music wise, I have nearly completed goath and gave Hoagie a "sneak peak listen" to the mid section of the song, and I think he gave it his approval. (he stopped by last night after I got home) we listened to the Solid State I taped while I was gone and found some really cool mixes by Liquid Todd. played the computer a little and swapped some ideas to make our cars a little more flashy and stuff... Blue LEDs rule!

left over stuff on the update list would be,.. I am thinking about putting up an email/web server in my house to play with,.. I am at the point where I think I'm gonna go for that SHO purchase. My computer is fully back together again.. so now the final systems specs are : Spacewalker HOT 591P v3.01 main board,.. 3 ISA, 3 PCI, 1 AGP,.. 100MHz bus and supports up to the Cyrix 466, and AMD K6-3 500. I put in an AMD-K6-2 450 100MHz bus in the thing since the Cyrix 466 isnt out yet. 256 Megs of pc100 RAM so the whole thing is 100MHz bussed now.. for cards I have an AWE32 with IDE support, (used for DOS partition and DOS box in windows) an SB Live! and a 16meg AGP creative Banshee card.... I must say, in the past I havent been super impressed with AMDs chips, but I figured in all fairness I would give them a shot again, and I am very happy with this K6-2 450. it runs great and hasnt given me any reason to go back to my old oppinion of them. I would buy AMD in the futurem and I will continue to buy Cyrix,.. I figure I can kind of bench test and compare the 2 as I upgrade from time to time..... I put some extra RAM in my NT server at home, and now the NAT (network address translation) service is running at full speed which has enabled my DSL to get full 512K speeds on each on of the client computers. amazing what such a little upgrade can do... the reason I havent done it sooner was cause with NT server, if your RAM isnt matched close enough, you will have random crashes. I finally had the thing running stable with 2 perfectly matched 8's (the first set that wasnt having problems) I finally got enough gaul to change it to to matched 16's that I ran in to and it ran without crashing the whole time I was on vacation, so I guess its safe.... (it probably just took a crap the instant I wrote this)... only 1 more month till the Dover Downs gets a visit from me. I cant wait. we got passes to the hospitality tent, and autograph sessions,... maybe I will FINALLY get to meet Mark Martin..... this thing is long enough and I think its time to sign off now... (almost lunch time) so that the majority of the recent past, hope it was enjoyable to read, and a good time waster **HOAGIE!** :) see ya later.


See Ya Later

Off for a 5 day vacation.... Taking a cruise to canada some place. Should be lots of fun. No computers, no nothing. I'll be back some time Sunday morning. Im off,... and I will update when I get back.


Well............................ Im not sure what to write about first. I *DID* Know what I was going to post about, but after reading the essay on the Digitalfl00d news section, Im at a loss for words.
I guess I will say this: he is right,... for the most part. no one is right, no one is wrong.. however, there are exceptions to every rule. some of the acts that have gone on in recent days in this war are inexcuseable and the "no right, no wrong" theroy just wont apply to them. I still am not taking sides, but hearing all the things that have gone on, I am still allowed to form an oppinion. which I will keep to myself. Verona and I are indeed mute to the situation. we just want to see out friends on a one on one basis. meaning: if personA and personB are fighting, we want to remain friends and be able to hang out with A, and tomorrow hang out with B.. as much as we would like to see everyone be friends, its just not going to happen right now. for over 2 years I have been with Verona and it has been the BEST time of my life. I am glad to see that someone else is headed down that path (flannelmAn and Azazel). I wish them as much love and success as Verona and I have had. before you know it, Verona and I will be the longest running relationship that our group of friends have seen, WOOHOO! ... anyway, its scarey to see that all this stuff is happening over broken relationships. I have recently said that its like we are in a huge episode of 90210. use your imagination.. anything you can imagine within the content of that show will most likely apply here... flannelmAns essay titled "what I learned on my summer vacation" has got to be one of the most moving things I have ever read. it almost hurt at points knowing some of the outcomes.. he was blunt and it was nessicary. If you know whats going on, I recomend you go read it. click the Digitalfl00d link on the right, and read the news. (I just hope that when he was making statements about "everyone" that I was not included, because I dont think I was,.. I stopped using IRC when all the 2faced bullshit started, when all there was were stupid kicks and bans because of personal issues that didnt apply to the server,.. when all it was, was a big fight between friends... HELLO, ITS BINARY PEOPLE! you dont even know if your CAPS LOCK is yelling at the right person.. when you step back, you can see how silly it all is). I will continue to remain mute. if someone need to talk, Im willing, but dont ask me to take sides. its stupid and I wont do it,.. thats how I have been my entire life.... so on to something else.
I will continue to provide my music for Digitalfl00d to use, I want to be part of his project, and I want to see him succeed with it. if my music can help, then I will be happy. on that note, I promised a new song this weekend and as you can see, its not here... A new motherboard, CPU and memory,.. as well as a wipe of my operating system with a fresh install of 98 prevented me from finishing my work. I should be able to continue soon.. however on tuesday of next week I will be going on a little cruise for 5 days and plan on forgetting what a computer is. I am also in the process of running underground network cable to my neighbors house and completing an NT domain,.. just for fun.
Last night I became the official owner of the IPS-BBS. I have posted about the BBS before. only people that know what it is will really care. I went to Mooses house last night and nearly stoped breathing when I saw the which used to be his area completely torn apart. the desk of computers - gone,.. the shelvs of stuff - gone,.. it hurt. it really did. He is leaving. this weekend he is moving away and though he will only be 2 hours away, its just not the same. it sucks.... but if its for a better life, and a good school, I certainly am happy for him. but Im gonna miss it all...... anyway, I have the BBS and plan on making it usable again via a telnet connection. Im hoping that Prax, can help me out with that project. tell you what... if it wasnt for Moose and that BBS I never would have ended up with Verona. and if we did (which is possible cause I know we were meant for each other and that we would have been brought together somehow) that it wouldnt have been soon enough. the BBS brought us together at the perfect times in our lives. I will keep that BBS alive, and I encourage all the old users who are reading this to inform other old users who arent reading this,.. to come back on, and have fun just like we used to. it will be a free service, and any help I can get will be appreciated.
Now that you have wasted an hour reading this stuff, and for some of you (**HOAGIE**) wasted time at work reading this stuff,.. Ill sign off with this statement

-Things change and people change,.. but it doesnt always have to be viewed as a bad thing.


Lots to post about today... first of all, I went to the BlueRoom website for my daily visit the other day, and what do I find?.... Juno Reactors new album is complete.. it is being produced, looked at,.. all the stuff they need to do before releasing it, as we speak. they are guessing it will be out in march 2000. Im hoping since the finished it now, that it might be available sooner.
They also got the Juno Reactor section of the site up now.. go to the new releases area on the main screen, and then click on the singles name.. it takes you to a shockwave site where you can listen to clips of the new music... it sounds like a western or something... the man with no name remix is awesome,.. and Im sure, heard in full, the album will kick ass.
Also reguarding BlueRoom,.. an answer to that eternal question of BlueRoom fans.... "where and when can I expect Eternal Basement"... for those who never heard them,.. I found Eternal Basement some time ago when I bought a 5 dollar BlueRoom promo sampler. they were featured on there with a track called "1999" and it is AWESOME. since then I have played it for a lot of people, and everyone liked it. check BlueRooms site, nothing about them... search the web... minimal information.. all old stuff, nothing about whats on that sampler... then I hit something,.. looking in my Montauk P CD, and it said "recorded at the eternal basement"... then I was confused... so finally BlueRoom announced on their site that the Eternal Basement full album will be out on the 27 of october. I cant wait.

Heres an interesting idea... SEGA, makers of some pretty origional game systems, the people who never get the credit they deserve,.. have come out with a new toy. a computer of sorts which will hook up to your cable television. you simply turn on the sega channel on the cable, turn on this computer box, and you TV, and you can then play any game they have on the channel.. you have a SEGA controller and you go through the chennels menus, and the game pops on the computer, and you play t... I assume that when you save a game, it writes that data to a hard disk, and its that simple.. thats really cool if you ask me.

I may have bitched about this before, I dont remember,.. but Im gonna bitch about it now. why? cause I have been to work about 0 minutes so far today, and got hit with this problem already... Windows 95, and 98..... so wonderful that they never crash. (sarcasim) they lock up and crash all the time... the cause... no one really knows. so your computer locks up... these days all your power switches are software controled... so you can turn the unit off... this guy was stuck and I had no choice but to pull the power cord out of the unit. so then its rebooting,.. what shows up but scandisk...saying "because Windows was not shut down properly, we will run scandisk" "to avoid seeing this message again, always shut down your computer by clicking... yadda yadda.." well,.. I WOULD HAVE SHUT DOWN PROPERLY IF YOUR STUPID OPERATION SYSTEM DIDNT LOCK UP ON ME AGAIN!!!!! seriously... Microsoft tries to make you think its your fault that the computer wasnt shut down properly... its unreal,.. it realy is.

as a fix to my last posts... by mistake, I put 1 to many 0's.. I stated that if I bought the SHO that my insurance would only be $2000 more a year.... really I meant it would only be $200 more a year,... I fixed it that night, but figured I would give it a mention anyway.


Car Stuff
Had some basic maintainance done today. The car has 111,000+ miles on it, all origional parts, so I figured it was tune up time, spark plug time, and cap/rotor time. (with the wires)... had all that stuff put in, and got the tires rotated. while they had the wheels off, I checked the breaks... still got a little time left on those. I had them put in Platinum plugs... ended up being BOSCH which is fine by me cause they are a sponsor on Mark Martins car. 3 weeks ago I had a new fuel filter put on at the oil change place (Valvoline store in Chester NY) (Valvoline is ALSO Mark Martin) and I have a K&N air filter so thats probably ok for a while yet. car is running a bit smoother now, and has a little better pickup. plugs were probably about 20,000 overdue for change, and so was the rotor. only took the guys 1 hours to do the work. cost me about 200 for parts and labor. not to terrible. Im hoping to get another 100,000 out of the car,.. maybe a bit more. I found out today that If I bought an SHO that my insurance would only be $200 more a year. that could be worth it :)

I finally got around to changing the title graphic. I think its kind of neat looking. more of a "gothic edge: is what someone told me I needed, so I hope this does for a while.



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