Ok, so I lied.. the 20th's post was my last post till tuesday, not monday. lol... I didnt have a chance to post when I got home. We got back around 1:30 PM on monday, and I went right to work for a few hours, went to Daves, and then went home and Hoagie came over, and I was playing with vinyl all night... Dave got me a few CDs.. the rest of a series, which was 3.. they were the United World of Dance series, and the editions were Ambient, Hardcore, and Drum+Bass... he also gave me the new Paula Abdul's Greatest Hits CD... none of those CDs came out till today, so that was cool. if you laughing cause I got a Paula CD then go on and laugh, but I honestly think her stuff was great, and still is. she was one of my favorite artists of the 80's... Dave also got me an import of the NIN Into the Void single, and 2 NIN shirts. Needless to say,. Dave Rules (see button on right).

So the weekend was fun, the races were good and exciting, especially the truck race. lots of hard hitting close running racing there. didnt get any autograpgs this time, but got about 4 feet away from Darrell Waltrip during a parade... other than that, it was just a bunch of fun. one of the trucks hit the wall so hard that he moved it. thats really hard... Mark Martin didnt win this event for the 4th year in a row like I had hoped he would, but he did come in a strong sixth despite a hit from behind early on and a broken transmission later on which left him with only 4th gear. his restarts were slow, putting him back to about 24th but within 50 laps, he was back in the top 10.

Gonna see if I can get tickets for Weird Al on halloween, should be a good show. My girlfriend Verona and I want to go, my sisters will probably go, and Hoagie is probably going to go too. I guess thats about it for now. Ill be home tonight, spinning records as usual. see ya later.


This is my last post till monday.. not that it changes anything since I have been posting only once or twice a week anyway... Thursday morning at around 4AM I will be headed off to Dover Downs Raceway once again for a tripple header weekend. Friday is the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series first race at Dover, and we are going to see it. On saturday, its the NASCAR Busch Series race, and on sunday its the NASCAR Winston Cup race. We are going to see the parade of drivers on thursday afternoon too. it should be a bunch of fun. I believe by my being gone this saturday, it will mark my 3rd week in a row without buying any vinyl. its tough, but I will survive. lol. Anyway, Ill see everyone on monday. Have a good weekend.


I cant say much has been going on lately, cause there hasnt been. Pretty much I sit home and spin records all night, or play Quake 3, or something else boring while Verona is working, and that about it. on days when she doesnt work, we sometimes go out for dinner, or a movie. a few weeks ago, we saw coyote ugly and it was actually really good. it was funny, and had a good plot. it has nothing to do with sluts dancing in a bar like the commercials made it look like. yes they worked in a bar, but it really wasnt like you would think. the other day we went to see the cell which was like watching 1 really long maryln manson video. it was pretty cool.. and the other day we went and saw bring it on. I really liked this one, the commercials make it look like a movie that simply shows T&A but it really wasnt that at all. the plot being cheesy sounding actually worked very well, and the best part was watching them all do the cheering acts. the timing and the movements were really cool to watch. I was disapointed with the end, though you can see why it ended like it did, you couldnt help but feel like it should have went the other way. So thats been the extent of life outside the house lately... well we went to the RenFest on sunday, got to see just how much the place changed from last year, and just how much less class people have in public. We went to the royal joust at the end of the day, and as usual the seats were all full, and people were standing inbetween the seting sections. no one was blocking anyones direct view, however you might not be able to see ALL the way across the field. well, this group of old crabs on the bottom row of the benches decided to start yelling at the people who were standing. no matter where you are there you cant see everything, but these fogies were determined to try, and at one point this older guy ran up to the people standing in front of me, and began screaming at the top of his lungs "sit the $%^& down #$% hole, I cant see" this guy was on a power trip or something but little did he know, the joke was on him cause EVERYONE started making fun of him when the show was over. you go there to have a good time, and some people just ruin it for eveyone. plus this year they had security guards walking through the place which I never saw there before. its a shame that people have to behave in such a way that you have to be baby sat everywhere... well today I am going to pick up my copy of The Little Mermaid II, I have one reserved for me. I also have a copy of High Fidelity on hold for me at the local video rental place. that movie was a lot of fun to watch. I wont be watching either of them till Verona is out of work tonight, so till then Ill be home spinning records if anyones interested in a free trance mix... later


you know how commidians and sit-coms always seem to pick on and make fun of cable guys? well we had a front row seat to an experience today that is perfect to justify the jokes. We were having trouble with out channel 82, it was jumping and flickering. no other channel except 82 was doing it. we called the cable company last week and they checked their end to see if it was a problem with the signal going to our street and our tap. nothing, so they scheduled cable guys to come check out the problem in our house. we were told that if it was something the cable company did, there was no charge, but if it was something that we had that it would be chargable. I checked my wireing and my splitters to make sure nothing was wrong. I even ran the cable directly to the cable box and TV that was having the problem and it was still there. so monday morning, here they come. I go home from work to see what they are doing, and he is changing my splitters. he said my splitter was too old to cary the signal and that I had it hooked up wrong. (I know that BS cause I specifically checked before he got there).. I asked "if thats so, they why did we have the problem when I ran the cable directly to the box?" he had no answer, and continued to put in a new splitter.. so we go upstairs and the channel 82 signal is perfect. they leave and I go back down stairs and hook everything up they way it was BEFORE they got there with the old splitters... run back to the TV, and channel 82 is just fine... hmmm.. how interesting. so now its magically working and we get stuck with a $50 or so service bill. my step father said he saw them do something outside before they did anything in the basement, which is their stuff. I guess that either they fixed something from the poll, or the main office found a glitch and knew to fix it there at a certain time to make it look like the cable guys did something. no matter what happened, I know its BS, and we are going to complain to the main office.


We are back.. actually got back on Monday around 1:00 PM, but didnt get a chance to update till now. We had fun, did a few things in the campground, and in the town of Lake George itself. found an arcade and wasted some money, went through the Wax Museum that we like, and saw some fireworks... Not much going on here since I got back. Marlin stopped by last night. I made him a few CDs to try out on his upgraded computer and showed hime how much fun vinyl is... then I went to Veronas house and spent some time there like I do every night. might go to a movie tonight or something since Verona doesnt work today. thats about it. if anything interesting happens, Ill be sure to update again.


Well tonight I am leaving for Lake George... should be a nice little getaway... on wednesday I got 9 more pieces of vinyl.. I started mixing them last night and I found 3 tracks that go together so well its not funny... they are very minimal in style and it gave me an idea to pull out all my other minimal stuff and make a real cool minimal mix. minimal is techno and trance without over excessive drumbs or 303s.. just real laid back sounding, not ambient, but real simple sounding... the stuff is fun to mix too cause you can overlap songs by 2 or 3 minutes and it sounds like it was meant to be that way... so watch for a CD of that soon.... on a different note,.. another one joins the list for the community. BrokenReality as moved on my server.. he has redesigned his site a little and it looks quite nice. thats about it I guess,.. Ill be back some time on monday.



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