Oh my... well now,.. where do I begin?
Verona and Mermaid....
He was right here in the campground area where we stay! like 15 feet away from our motorhome! Somehow, the guy who owns this piece of camping property managed to get him in here!

I heard our neighbors saying his name,.. just thought they were talking about him in general.. then Veronas Mom rips the door opened, and says, "get up you two!, Mark Martin is standing right over here". So we get up, throw some shorts on, cant find my sandles so I just go without them, and grab our Mark Martin books on the way out the door. (these books by Mark Martin which we got from QVC when he was on there selling them. the first 200 or so were signed by him.) We have been bringing these books with us to each race, and now, finally, not only do they have the original signature, but they have our names and Marks autographs in big Mark Martin hand writing on the inside cover! We had our picture taken with him, plenty of pictures of him, and I shook his hand. What a nice way to meet your favorite driver. Right there, personally, rather than standing in some line outside his souvineer trailer, hoping you dont get cut off from the line. All the waiting from race to race was worth it. Now with any luck, Mark will do here what we saw him do here in 98, and 99.. WIN!


Im at the track... using this nifty cell phone modem cable.. gotta love wasting cell minutes. lol. Went to see qualifying today for the Busch Series, and the Winston Cup Series. Theres A LOT of cars painted up with the Red White and Blue stars and stripes. The number 36 car of Ken Schrader is 100% american flag.. no sponsor at all... not that I could see anyway. Hes normally the M&Ms Pontiac... Watched the Busch North Series race at 4:30 today, that was quite interesting.. good race. Probably gonna go out to the Dover Mall tonight.. waste some time with Verona over there.. maybe catch a movie. Sunday, the word is that on the way in to the stands, they will be handing out American Flags to everyone.. should be pretty cool looking on TV when they show everyone waving them. Ill probably try updating again before I come home... Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Going to the races this weekend... should be something interesting.. last weeks races were canceled, and this week security is pumped up.. no bags in the stands, no coolers,.. all the cars are oing to be painted up with some sort of stars and stripes and should be quite a thing to see... drivers are going to be racing for donations.. each lap they complete will mean more money for part of the trade center funding. I hope to be able to get on line this time around.. I got the data cable for my cell phone, and if the signal is good there, which I think it is.. Ill be able to get on line and check mails and post information about the weekend.. the cup race is sunday at 12:30 on NBC... check it out.. hope everyone has a good weekend.


well now... I know I havent updated since last tueday when that terrible thing was going on,.. I havnt had much to say about it.. we all have our opinions, most of which are valid at this point.. there was no need for me to post articles and clippings from public speaches cause we all know about it, we have seen them posted by everyone else already.. we know whats been done, we know whats been said, we know whats been going on, and we know what NEEDS to be done now. unfortionatly the government cant make that a public service announcemet. Seriously, I have heard people say that George W. Bush is weak becuase he has not struck back yet. I think it makes him stronger. In school it took the stronger person to walk away from a bully instead of hitting him back, knowing that in time they will get what they deserve, weather it be from them or from someone else. Well Bush knows that when parties are identified and located that they will get what they deserve, be it from us, or from the countless countries backing us who are just as concerned about something happeneing to them as it did us. I know the common person thinks they know better than the government and military,.. but then why arent you in the government or military? the people in our government and military are there for a reason, and we arent for a reason. When the time is right, we will strike back, but unfortionatly the information that the people seek can not be made available. with the internet and the media, any serious military information can easilly be obtained, and how do you win a chess game? know your opponents move before they make it. I think by begining and immediate rebuild and/or reorginization of our government, militarty, economy, airlines, and everything else, that we are showing that we can not be stopped, and we can not be broken. remaining on our feet is the most important thing we can do, and when the time is right, this UNITED nation will give the strongest showing of unwillingness to be pushed around that anyone has ever seen. Stand proud, and stand by our president, like him or not, he is our president and deserves respect. He will make the right calls, and so what if he consults with his father. It takes a good man to be able to request help, and that too makes us stronger and more ready for what may come. We have a very good backing right now, we just need to go on as Americans and support our nation. Its the right thing to do, and now more than ever is the right time to do it. Stand firm and we will prevail


This is insane. At 9:00 this morning, I was listening to Howard, and he broke in with the story about the World Trade Center. so far 2 planes have crashed in to the towers, something has crashed by the pentagon, something has crashed by Pitsburgh PA, and aparently the president has been fled to AirForce1. Im sure most of you know the story from the news, but getting pictures without a TV isnt easy. Getting these was a bitch, but Im going to post everything I can get on my server so at least some people can see something.

Also, for news, Fox 5 NY Was smart.. they killed the layout of their site, went to straight text, and keep updating. its fast and to the point.

A good video of the events at the world trade center can be found here. I found it on I wanted to save it and put it on my server so it would be easier to view, but I cant seem to grab the stream.


Man, where does the time go? I just dont know how Hawaiian Shirt Day came and went so fast!

Well, I placed and got my order from Saiko Sounds in Hong Kong. I got 16 items on vinyl, and 4 CDs. I placed the order on a friday, and on monday I had a confirmation E-Mail from them. On Thursday my order was in my hands.. the scary part is that they are in Hong Kong and it was less than 1 week for me to get my stuff. When I order from Satellite Records in New York City, it first takes them a week and a half to check your order, then they send you confirmation. you reply to that, and in another 3 or 4 days they tell you it shipped, which either they lie about, or pay pennies for, because it takes another full week for it to show up, and I live only an hour from the city, and they DONT have a remote warehouse.. its all NY based. You generally look at 3+ weeks with Satellite, an hour away, and here I am ordering stuff from Saiko Sounds, over seas, and its in my hands in 6 days. And the cool thing was that it was ALL NEW stuff, no finger prints on the vinyl like sometimes happens at satellite, and in the package, everything was stacked in the exact order in which I ordered it on their site. This place has got me as a customer from now on.

I got lots of good GOA/Psy stuff in this order, and Im getting ready to place another order as soon as this one item is back in stock. When I get all the certain tunes I want, Ill be making that double CD set which I have been compiling for a while now. Heres a list of what I got this time.

Artist - Title - Format - Label
12 Moons - Back 2 Basics EP - 12'' - Flying Rhino
12 Moons - Beyond Infinity - 12'' - Flying Rhino
12 Moons - Hunting Demons (triple P insert) - Igg & Okk - 12'' - Digital Structures
12 Moons - Northern Star - 12'' - Dragonfly
Atmos - Drums Don't Stop / Biorythm - 12'' - NAJA
Atmos - Medical Trauma / Bad Lieutenant - 12'' - NAJA
Chi-A.D. - Creeping Gravity / Pathfinder 2000AD/Redivider (remix) - 12'' - MASH
DJ Nitrogen - Biggest Bitch of them All / Secret Society - 12'' - MASH
Intact Instinct - Froststabilisator - 12'' - Global Trance Network
Mittelstandskinder O. Strom - Click / Der Nachste Tag / Wellblech - 12'' - NAJA
Moonghost - Ghost Heart / The Puzzle Box / Phantom Cry / Haunting - 12'' - Warning
SBK - Mitleid Express / Druckverteiler - 12'' - Spirit Zone
SBK - Treisband - 12'' - NAJA
Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth (remixes) - 12'' - Twisted
Spirallianz / Fletcher Mundson Syndrom - Update - 12'' - Plusquam
Yumade - Torez Tal / Bass is Base - 12'' - Spiral Trax
Infected Mushroom - Classical Mushroom - CD - Yoyo
Infected Mushroom - The Gathering - CD - Yoyo
Various Artists - IsrAliens - CD - Hom Mega
Various Artists - Pure MDMA 1 - CD - MDMA



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