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Well today was the third weight in... the good news is I didnt gain weight. lol.. but the sorta sad news is I didnt lose any.. at least according to the scale.. I know my belt is loose again and needing a new hole.. I think I probably lose between 5 and 10 more pounds... I walked 420 miles durring this 10 weeks... however, I also started lifting weights again.. every day for the last 5 weeks. and I thin I put on a lot of muscle weight.. theres no doubt theres been growth in the upper areas.. and within the next week Ill be putting a new hole in the belt.. so overall, I think Im still headed i the right direction.. this next 5 weeks Im going to be backed off the weights keeping it to once or twice a week.. so since Im going to be alternating the lifting every other 5 weeks, Im going to start doing weigh ins every 5 to track the changes. as long as I keep making new holed in the belt in the "smaller" direction, Im happy. :)


Today i woke up a little early so that I could walk 4 miles before work instead of the usual 3... the reason being because 3 would have only brought me to 999 miles for the year.. but 4... that brought me to the big 1000 mile mark. thats a lot of miles. this has been quite a year for this. 1000 miles... and once walking the 2 more at lunch to total my usual 6 for the day.. Im up to 1002... and more impressively.. since I was at 300 miles, I have gone 6 every single day since. not 1 day off. and not only have I walked all these miles, but I also srarted lifting weights on a regular basis again. mostly benching, but a variety of others as well. Im finally get back to where I was out of high school. next week, monday, is weigh day for the 3rd time. I dont think Ive lost as much as the first 2 times.. but I know my belt is about ready for a new hole again, so something must have gone in the right direction. check back for the results. hopefully Ill be over 50 pounds lost for the year.


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