Once again I am off to the races. this time to the Dover Downs in Deleware. We will be leaving tomorrow at 4:00 AM so that we can arrive in time for practice and bud pole qualifying. after that we will be able to watch the Busch series race and happy hour finaly practice. we also have pit passes, hospitality passes, and autograph session passes. naturally we also have tickets for the big event, the MBNA winston cup race on sunday. Hopefually I will get to meet Mark Martin and some other Roush people. Its supposed to be great weather the whole weekend and thats a very nice thing. We have the radio so that you can listen to crew, spotter, and driver talking to each other, and I built a splitter so that all 4 of us and have a set of headphones for ourselves. We will be staying right outside the front entrance of the track in a motorhome. it should be a VERY good weekend. I will post about everything when I get back on sunday night.


I got my copy of the new nInE InCH nAILS album today,.. it comes out tomorrow but I had a guy in the record selling business promise me about 3 years ago that when a new album finally came out that he would get one to me at least 1 day early. He kept his promise.... it may not seem like a big deal to some, but when you have been waiting about 5 years for something new to come out, its hard not to get a little excited over it. Trent Rules.


The car is running great. through some research and stuff, I found out that the car does indeed have a stock HP of 220... I also found out that the size of the SHO engine I have came in 3 different forms (as far as I have found) it came in 3.0 3.2 and 3.4 and that the size didnt make very much of a power difference but more of a fuel efficiency difference. so I got the middle of the road which I am very pleased with. I figure if I throw in the K&N itll bost it up pretty good. From my experience with K&N in my 93 Taurus GL Id say I gained about 10% HP and the car ran great. got better gas mileage and better pickup. Most say you can expect a 10-15% HP change from the K&N and I do think that is true. a buddy of mine threw one in his Jeep and it made a big difference, infact hes the one that gave me the idea origionally. my buddy Marlin saw what it did to my car and tossed one in his Acclaim and then one in to his Intrepid. he noticed an immediate improvement as well. So the specs say by throwing one in to my SHO I can look forward to about a 19 HP boost minimum which would take it to 239 and if I get the 10% Itll go to 242, and 15% would be 253 so Ill probably consider it 240 HP after the filter change just to be safe,.. but it could be more. Ill have to find someone with one of them units that measures your HP and get a true reading. I bought some parts yesterday to start implimenting a stereo in to this machiene, and I will be getting some blue LEDs also. this car is great. I cant begin to tell you how long I have wanted one of these cars, but those who know me can tell you how long I have been complaining about it and then you can do the math. Thanks to everyone who wished me well with my new vehicle, thanks to those who helped me in any way yo get the vehicle (meaning Veronas Dad who found the ad for it, and Verona (my girlfriend of 2 years) who drove me to pick it up and to my Mom who loaned me the money to get one and letting me have half the garage to keep it in. to Bob at Grand Prix auto for checking it out to make sure it was ok, and to my Step Father for looking at it from a Ford worker of 25+ years view to make sure it was ok.) I will keep posting as I do small things to the car and to say how its doing.


Update time..... I got my car, if you couldnt tell from change in picture and day before that, the 3 SHO symbols at the top. If you hold the mouse over them, each one says something. as the progression happened, I would add the next symbol... I think h0agie was the only one to figure this out.
Anyway, on to the car. Its a 94 Dark Jewl Green Ford Taurus SHO with a 3.2l 24 valve V6 Yamaha engine. Everything is just the way I wanted it.. color and all. The dark green outside, tan leather inside, JBL premium sound system,... other things include a power moon roof, dual air bags, 4 wheel disc antilock breaks, and 16 inch tires. not sure of the exact HP of the unit, but Im not really worried about it cause other things would make up for it anyway,.. such as the setup of the tranny and the shape and weight of the car. I will most likely put in a K&N air filter and give it another 10 - 15% HP. Itll do 140+ as is. (not that Im gonna be driving it like that but it can do it.) It has the low profile fin on the back,.. more for looks, and it has keyless entry from both the keychain and the number pad on the side. the keyholes light up so you can see in the dark not to scratch the paint. it has fog lights and it has these neat cornering lamps... lights up in the direction you are turning so you can see the curb and other things that could damage the rims or body. the JBL sound system includes a built in sub woofer which is almost as loud as the system I had in my other Taurus. Im not gonna do much to this car in way of stereo modifications cause I dont want to cut any holes or run to many wires, but I do have a plan for a very simple but powerful bass system. those who know me, know that Im pretty good at setting up sound systems, and I tell you, this thing will be about 1/8 the size of the beast in the 93 black Taurus but it will be 2 times as loud with BASS. This car also has factory tint on the windows... not much, but enough to make a slight difference in the sun. If anyone is wondering the cost on this car, I got it for a bit below book value which was 8700... I paid 6200. so now I am over 10 grand in debt again, (still paying for the other car) but I plan on having it all paid off in the next year. I am going to keep the 93 and use it in the winter, and use the 94 SHO in the better weather. I will probably drive the SHO in to the winter a little bit this year, just to get familiar the car in all conditions... by the way, I just rolled 113,000 miles on the 93 and its still going strong. never had to fix anything on it yet. getting the new car on the road was a 1 day job. not even.. I called State Farm, my insurance people, and told them what I was doing, they said to just pay my next due bill, and the rate would be adjusted for the new car on the next bill... that was easy. and it was only $170 more for a whole year on this car which is considered a high risk vehicle. so next it was DMV where I went, and renewed my registration for my plates (which was due anyway) and paid a fee of $7.75 to move the plates to the new car. done... on the road. so now when the weather turns, all I have to do is call the insurance and tell them I am switching to the 93,.. go to DMV and pay the small fee, and the other car is back on the road. so I am happy. I have the car that I have long wished for and its great.


I know I said I wasnt going to update anymore unless it had something to do with the car,.. but I think Its ok now.. Yesterday I dropped off the deposit for the vehicle of my dreams :) I am getting so close to actually getting what I want that I am almost scared Im gonna wake up and find out it never happened. I figure since he assured me that he would find what I am looking for with the small deposit in hand that it is safe to start posting again about other things. of course SHO postings will be top priority because I want everyone to know whats happeneing in this great quest. (well at least it will keep Hoagie updated cause hes excited for me to get this thing).. today is one of the big days.. he goes to get cars and feels strongly that I will get one based on the recent sales he has seen. If nothing today then another sale tomorrow. I will certainly keep you posted AS SOON as I have info, it will be here.

I feel its my duty to help protect the innocent and the slightly guilty drivers out there in New York State... the NY State Troopers have gone and modified a few of their vehicles to the new "lightless" cars... these cars have NO light bar on top, all they have is 2 lights on the back of the rear view, and a light on each back side of the side views.. and the usual double strobe headlights and grill lights. why? because you cant tell its a cop from the outline far away. Ive used that advantage many times myself... say there is a car in the bushes and you can see it but dont know what it is..., then a cars headlights from the other direction go by and hit it lighting up the outline of the car and displaying a lightbar on top... thats the idea behind it I guess.... but on the other hand, if youve got someone giving you trouble on the road, help will be that much harder to find. of course all the cops are worried about is tailing you themselvs and making you nervous enough to do something stupid. they can do that more efficently now too.


This car was nice,.. it will be kept in mind... however, I gave a call to my friend Bob over at Grand Prix auto in West Town. He specializes in getting Tauruses and making them run and look like new again after small and large accidents. He has such a good reputation for the product he turns out that people will actually go to his place, look at a smashed up car that he has on line for repair, and they will buy it and pay for it on the spot,.. because they know what it will be when he is done with it. My neighbor from a few houses up the street works for him too so I get some special treatment sometimes. My current car is from his place,.. 93 Taurus GL with 62000 miles on it, he charged me about 6000 for it 2 years ago, I have had it since with no problems at all. I now have 112000 miles on it and its still running strong. So anyway, he promised he is going to find me an SHO matching my likings,.. with less miles than this white one, for a lot less money, and I would feel 150% more comfortable buying from him if at all possible. I should have something to post about next week if all goes right.



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