This is a Page dedicated to my Ford Taurus SHO.. A car which I have wanted for a very long time and now finally have.

This is my new compilation of metal, rubber, glass, and electronics. A 1994 Jewel Green Ford Taurus SHO the SHO stands for Super High Output. They get that from the 24 valve V6 Yamaha engine that Ford somehow crammed in to the front end. This car is EXACTLY what I wanted... When I first decided for sure that I was gonna eventually get an SHO, my heart was set on the 1994 Jewel Green, Tan leather inside, Low profile fin, the good silver rims, antilock breaks, dual airbags, and a few other attributes. I got the very car I wanted. The stock Horse Power of this car rated with regular fuel is 220 and with a few simple modifications which I have found on web sites of other proud SHO owners, I would be able to bump it up twords 260... Im not saying I WILL do that, but its always a possibility. Simple Mods would be things that dont require changing much of the cars physical state... for instance no exhaust reworking or tranny regearing... things like a K&N air filter which could add between 22 - 33 HP from its characteristic 10-15% boost on most cars. things like new spark plugs could add a few HP, and something as simple as always using 93 or 94 octane gas (which I always do) can keep your HP up a few numbers.

I am in the process of Putting in an extended stereo. Stock, it came with the premium JBL system which is very nice. however after having so much BASS for so long in my other Taurus, I have to do a little tweeking,.. besides, its the Mervernator way. So not to add as much as the other car, I will be adding a CD player, and a custom autoswitch box which will allow the tape deck and CD player to function properly both in dash, and I will be adding a BASS something to the trunk. for now, I am gonna move one of the components from the other car over to this one, just so the BASS is there, but when I save a little more money,..... youll just have to wait and see what its gonna be :)

I will update this page with each thing I do to this car, and with other SHO related material. Hope you enjoied the small peak and report on my vehicle, keep checking back for updates.


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