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Back in January of this year, I had done a Desert Island Top 5 Albums list and one of my picks was an album called "Dr. Fiorella Terenzi - Music From The Galaxies". Yesterday I got an E-Mail from Dr. Fiorella herself! She had gone to a search engine and did a search on her name, and when she saw my site name and description, she said it caught her attention. She clicked it, saw my write up, and sent me an E-Mail thanking me for the very nice review. How cool is that? If anyone is interested in the album, you cant get it at most places cause its out of print for the most part,.. but you CAN still get it straight from Dr. Fiorellas Web Site, Shes got other stuff there too, including videos, posters, and other CDs that her material has been used on. check it out!


You cant DODGE the inevitable

In a Rain shortened race, Dodge gets its first win. Utilizing his "pitty package" extended front air dam, and getting some luck from the clouds above, Sterling Marlin gets a win today. Kind of a disapointment if you ask me. I must say, the thing that impresses me most, is Ray Evernhams ability to whine and complain and almost always get what he wants. but aside from that, I know if Ford was to re-enter a racing series and get their first win in such a cheap way, I wouldnt be happy about it. You had to know it was going to happen before years end though. if they didnt win today, or in the next few weeks, NASCAR would have given Dodge some other package to help them win. How convienient too, the rain call at the end... I remember when I was in Dover we sat through 5 or 6 rain delays. The rain that ended todays race, they expected it to only be a sprinkle. But a Dodge in front was just too tempting I guess. Not only that, but the fact that the vice president for Chrysler in Germany was at the track today... I dunno.. seems kind of odd. I feel the worst for Ricky Craven. He clearly had the car to beat and the guy has been showing such an outstanding performance this year. He just didnt get the chance today, and he was really closing in on Marlin. But congrats to the 40 team and Evernhams efforts with the Dodge as a whole.. a wins a win, and maybe now we can get back to racing instead of trying to even things out.


Mermaid buys a new toy!
Yesterday Verona and I went to a Pinball show with Trainmaster and his wife, and I picked up this machine. Ive wanted this Pin for a VERY long time. I got there, hoping to find one for $1200 or under, and I ran across this one, the only one there for $875! I located the owner immediately, and made the deal final. It needs very minor work, nothing I cant do, or havent already done to our other Pin. In fact, Ive already done over 50% of the work needed. Im going to do a little more than needed to bring it back as close to factory condition as possible as far as looks go. So I pay for it, we load it in Tranmasters van, he gets a few items, and off we go! Got it home last night and played a few rounds.. shut it off, did the repair on the general illumination (the back lights and stuff) put it back together, and now everyone is having a blast. I need to get a part or two from a guy I know who deals in factory direct pinball parts. nothing expensive.. not even 100 bucks for everything I want to get for it. This is a great game. its got a nice opened playfield, the layout is nice, and the gun ball trigger is loads of fun!
Terminator 2 Judgment Day


The Commute from hell. (08/02/2001)

Yes the title says it all. Yesterday on my way home I just couldnt catch a break. It was like something was stoping me from going home. It all starts at 4:00, just 1 hour before I leave work.

As I sit checking my E-Mail heading in to 4:00 PM, getting ready to think about getting ready to go home, I get an E-Mail from someone telling me that the Tappan Zee Bridge had some sort of accident and that traffic would be heavy. (heavy would have been a day in the park, comparitivly). I dont take the Tap home, I go over the Goat Trail (twisty road often used in car commercials) and take the Bear Mountain Bridge. The problem is that when theres a problem on the Thruway and the Tap, youll get about 75% of those commuters taking an alternate route over the Bear Mountain Bridge. it makes the traffic heavy in my direction when this happens. So 5:00 rolls around, and the drive is ok till I get about 50% of the way down Route 9 from Valhalla to the Ansville Circle and all of a sudden.. DEAD STOP. Great.. obviously this Tap thing is pretty bad, A multi vehicle fire caused all lanes to be closed. If your interested in the story Click Here. So I make it to the Ansville circle and its backed up all the way from the BMB to the circle. the entire goat-trail is jammed up. I decied to get some gas at the mobil station at that circle since I was almost empty. It took me about 15 minutes to get to a pump and get 28 dollars of gas. in that time about 10 cars have moved up on that goat-trail mess, including 4 school busses that were sitting there making stinky exhaust for all who were following. So I pay for my gas and remember that my neighbor told me about a way to go out the other side of the ansville circle which would take me around the mountain and route me to the BMB from the other direction. Its like 20 minutes longer compared to the goat-trail, but today it might save me some greif. I tried to call him and his Cell wasnt working, so I figure what the heck, Ill explore the roads and see if I can figure it out. anything is better than sitting on that hill in that line of traffic. I exit the gas station and push my way in to the circle so I can drive around it and exit the thing on the other side. I go around and I cant cut over because naturally no one lets me in, so I have to drive all the way around the damn circle again, this time with some force, and I shove my way in the second time and somehow make it over to the exit lane and get out. So off I go and I figured out exactly where to go on the first shot around. may have not been the most direct way as I didnt feel like trying each side road that MIGHT cut through. I get to the other side, now entering the BMB from my right rather than my left, and what do I see on the bridge? those 4 damn school busses! Traffic moved, but not enough to make my venture a waste of time. it came out the same, plus Im 1 up for not having to smell school bus exhaust. So I figure now that we are all here, the Tap traffic will hop back on the palisades and be out of my sight, and I will have a nice relaxing rest of the ride home.


Turns out this wasnt the only problem. On 9W a fuel truck flipped over causing a big spill which made things so much better for the Tap traffic (1400 gallons of betterness to be exact). Now I guess not only cant some people take the Tap, they cant get to it anyway. these people probably have no idea that the Tap is even closed, they just cant get there. So since all lanes in both directions on the Tap were closed, and these 9W regulars would go the other way on the Tap (back twords westchester), Now we have 2 directions of Tap traffic going twords the BMB to use that in both directions, or to go all the way out to the Newburgh Beacon Bridge if they live out that way. So it seems this spill on 9W caused people to take an alternate route to the palisades to utilize the BMB or the NBB, either way botching up the Bear Mountain Circle and the Pallisades Interstate Parkway in both directions. Interested in the story on that accident too? No problem, Click Here. Just as a side note, starting out on my ride home, I can actually stay on the taconic and go all the way out to 84 and take the NBB home, but its just so damn far out of the way, starting out twords home yesterday I didnt think it could possibly save me any real time. Looking back though it may have been my best choice. But wait theres more! I finally make it over the BMB and somehow get through the circle and get myslef on the the pallisades which wasnt all bad going in my direction at that point. What a drive huh? now I can finally take it easy the rest of the way home.


Those damn 4 school busses went my direction and decided to drive 15 MPH 2 in each lane. Its bad enough when I get them in the fall going 2 MPH in the morning not letting anyone by, but now its the damn summer time and Im getting stuck behind these 6-whele twinkies. Finally they get single file and perhaps now I can pass them and go the hell home.


Now some dipshit in a minivan decides that He would like to ride next to the school busses. I guess he was using them for shade or something. (if we stayed there any longer though, the sun would have gone down). 3 attempts to get around him only to have one of the busses convieniently pick up enough speed or slow down to make it an unsafe move, was getting aggrivating. So after another attempt and a little extra horse power, I find a way around. I dispose of the other cars around me whcih was no picnic either with them driving like chickens with their heads cut off. now its clean air all the way up to the circle in Harriman. Maybe now I can get going here...


Get up to the circle and the thing is flooded with people coming off the palisades from the other way all trying to go over the hill in to Harriman. It just doesnt work though cause that hill is only 1 lane and you have a total of 4 lanes going in to that circle. It wasnt moving and it wasnt moving fast. I decided it was appropriate to skip the hill going to Harriman and go home the back way which is to take the 1 circle exit that almost NO ONE ever uses, which goes back in the Harriman State Park and you take Seven Lakes Drive and some other roads and you end up coming out in sterling forest and I can then go home that way. So I bully my way in to the circle, get to the inside lane of the thing which was empty and squeel my tires over to the exit and Im on my way.. 55 and NO ONE in sight. Look out baby, Im coming home!


This road is always empty and theres never anything going on... UNTIL TODAY. I come whipping around this one bend only to be greeted by a man with an orange flag. Of all the damn things that could be going on, they are paving that road! I couldnt believe it. So I sit for 5 minutes while he lets some traffic go the other way (cause naturally the "other" lane always seems to go first). He finally waves me by and away I go,.. Smooth Sailing.


Im continuing down this road, I call home to see whats for dinner, and to see if my sister still needed to be picked up tonight. I was told maybe but probably someone else would go get her and I didnt need to worry about it. Also theres no dinner being planned and I can do what I want. I was in the mood for a sandwich so I figured Id stop at this deli on my way home and get some cold-cuts. (I normally wont use the phone while I drive, but I was going slow, and I was not in traffic, and I needed to let someone know about my lateness) as Im finishing talking to my mother, I come around another bend and get confronted by about 5 other cars and their rear bumpers all sitting there. full stop. I say "what the hell is this?" and tell my mother that Im stuck in traffic once again. I finish my conversation, and sit there waiting. About 15 minutes goes by and I see firefighters walking around... forest fire? no smoke... someone fall off the rocks?.. dont see anyone in the woods..... another 10 minutes and one of the other cars inches backwards.. now I see an upside down eclipse in the middle of the road. knowing that Im going to be there for a while now, I lock my doors and get out to go gawk. (definition - "To stare or gape stupidly"). I walk over and talk to some of the other stopped drivers, one of the cops, and the people that were not that far behind the car when it flipped. I established that it was two 16 year old girls who worked as lifeguards at one of the beaches in the park. For whatever reason simply drove straight off the road on this one curve and right in to a tree which had a small banking around it,.. that banking was enough to make the car tip over on to its roof. They are already in the ambulence at this point, both alive but hurting, and it takes off. (probably hurting cause they know they just wrecked their "daddy bought" car they just got). You just have to wonder how the hell this happens when they work there, know the roads, and it wasnt even that sharp of a turn to begin with. I was figuring it was 2 young girls out for a ride, not paying attention, looking for CDs or something, driving a little fast in the car daddy gave them, which usually makes people not have as much appreciation for their belongings as they would if they worked for them.. but when I found out they were lifeguards on their way home, I felt a little bad.. you know, people who put their lives at risk to save others.. what a shame for this to happen, but again, dont they drive these roads every day? So the firetrucks back off, and now they have to clean up. the flatbed tow truck comes in and hooks up the cables and starts to wench the car to flip it back on its wheels. it starts to flip over, transmission fluid and oil now pooring out like a waterfall, and all sorts of personal shit failling out the driver side window, coolers, towels, plastic GAP bags.. the lifeguard part of the story was aparently true. they shovel up all that junk and throw it back in the car, and the thing lands on its wheels. the speedy dry is out soaking up the oils and the car is being spun around so they can pull it on the fladbed. good. let them do that, and Ill be on my way.


Now they have to investigate. So the cops peek in the car and within 30 seconds come out with a pot-pipe. a minute later another pipe and a bag of weed, and then another pipe after that! Now I didnt feel as bad knowing that they were probably in the woods or on the tall chairs smoking it up rather than watching the people. Not saying thats what was going on, but come one.. all the pieces fit that way. So this whole mess keeps me there for about an hour. I cant seem to find an article on this story yet, but when I do Ill put it Here. They put the evidence in the cop car, they call someone about it, they pull the car on to the truck, and off it goes. now traffic can go through and I can go home.


I make it to the deli I was headed for, and have a slice of pizza at the place next to it, buy my roast beef, and head home. Out of courtesy I call home to see if my sister was ready to be picked up.. figured since I was out anyway, I could get her on my way.. no shes not ready, but Im told that the guy at the Opticians where I do some computer work called my house looking for me cause he is having a problem. It just so happens that I am about a quarter mile down the road from the Opticians at this point. So because Im friends with the guy I stop in to help him. I spend about 10 minutes there, fix the problem and head home.. FINALLY.


Im driving home and all of a sudden the cell rings.. I knew what it was, I knew it was coming... (again, normally if Im driving I would have let it ring and check the message later but I knew what the call was so I answered it). My sister called home, home called me, shes ready to be picked up. At this point Im right next to a road that I can use to cut over right to the place where she works. I turn on this road, attempting to finish the conversation, when all of a sudden about 4 feet away on the left a freeking deer comes leaping out of the bushes and right in front of my car. I jam on the breaks and go left (aiming for where the deer had come from). I barely missed it. I may have even nipped its furry little tail in the process, no dammage, but a nice loud "SHIT" was called for anyway. I hang up the phone and go to get my sister. its about 3 minutes away, and 5 back home, and Ill be on my couch eating a sandwich before you know it.


I get there and it turns out they had something else for her to do. I sit outside waiting for 15 minutes before shes comes out looking all over for my car. not seeing it after staring right at it, i hit the horn. shes runs over, and Im on my way home.


Yes I got home, but not without a slowpoke right down to the last meter. that wasnt that bad though, they were only going 10 MPH under and it was dark anyway, and that road is full of deer and Ill happily drive 10 under if someone is infront of me acting as a shield.

Normally from work to the area where the opticians is, or straight to home is about 1 hour and 10 minutes. on a bad day its 1 hour and 30 minutes. Yesterday it took me 3 hours, and then I had to do all that stuff from the opticians on. I got home and I said I dont care who calls for what, IM NOT LEAVING THE HOUSE!


Im not a racist person, so dont get me wrong on anything here. a couple of months ago I was out for lunch with some coworkers and we were going to a place that had some stores and some places to eat. as we got there and were walking, I saw a Chineese man walking down the sidewalk of this strip mall carrying a pizza. the timing was perfect because when we saw him he happened to be walking past the door to the chineese restaurant. Now Im not saying a Chineese person isnt allowed to have pizza. its just that Ive had a few Chineese friends in the past and as far as I can remember,.. none of them liked pizza. It just was one of those things you would expect to get as a JPG floating around the internet with some stupid caption under it.

So what do you think? Utilizing my nifty perl based vote piece, lets see how many people would have laughed at the sight.

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