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Went to the NY Renaissance Faire this weekend with the lady, had a great time as usual. saw a friend or two while we were there, and I gotta say, those frozen orange drink things are really damn good. I wanna go back now just to get another one. I got a pewter mermaid to go along with the little pewter treasure chest I got last year (heh~! chest..) I think Im gonna get something form that place each year to make a cool display one day... the girl got a necklace that was actually made by our friend who works there.. was a fun time as usual.. expensive food, but fun. dont go on a totally empty stomach.


Well the official link to the movie I posted about on the 9th is not working right now.. I dont really know if its down right now for a bigger reason than its just down.. though I wouldnt be surprised if it never comes back up..

so here are some alternates that should work for now:

Google cached copy

Google Video copy

Torrent of the DVD copy




too busy to build the main index file.. too lazy to finish any of the posts I start.. just dont care that much anymore?.. I dont know.. little bit of everything I guess.


I recommend with all my recommending power that people take a couple hours and watch the movie "ZEITGEIST" which you can watch for free online here: http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/.

it touches on so many points Ive mentioned in the past, but does so in a very clear and understandable way. things like How religion was invented for socal reasons but now used to control people. How our money is stolen from us, how there is NO law allowing the collection of income tax. I had a post back on 05/10/2004 explaining with this thing and some other videos how the amendments concerning the IRS and tax collection were never properly ratified. this video hits on all of that, and also explains good reasons why/how most "tragedys" are inside jobs, and why we manage to find war as often as we do. its a VERY well made documentary and I suggest giving it a viewing and spreading the word.


went to the pocono race on sunday and when looking through all the merchandise trailers, I couldnt find the one for Biffle. later on I also heard that Ryan Newmans stuff was on some sort of sale... for a couple years now Ive heard rummors that Roush has been looking to sign Newman... Ive also heard in the first couple of his seasons, that Biffle wasnt completely happy.... I have to wonder of cheap merchanside and no merchandise at all is a sign of things to come... as much as I like Newman, I hope its not Biffle who would be out cause him and Kenseth are my main Roush drivers. Ill have to see what sort of merchandise is missing when I go to dover in a few weeks.


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